My birthday has been coming around for a really long time! [It is on June 26th] I get the typical t-shirts, cards, random things I might never use and the list is endless!So I have come up with the things that I would like to get for my birthday [and I am sure you would], that people never think of!


Money almost is never given any more! I swear to god, the older I get the less people put those in cards! But, the older a person gets the more they want so maybe that is why! HA

Kegs of Beer

People do not think about this anymore because the older you get the less you are suppose to drink, right? Whatever, I would like to get at least 4 of them to last through the weekend!


I would like to get a 'Life Time Supply of Nachos'! Holy crap! Nachos whenever I want? I would be in heaven! And, I would wash them down with my "Kegs Of Beer"! HA

Deep Sea Fishing For Life

Either I would like to see, for my birthday, a certificate that lets me charter a boat every weekend along with the license or just the 'The Fishing License For Life' wold work mighty fine!

Leather Jackets and Motorcycles For Life

How nice would it be to have and endless supply of Leather Jackets and Motorcycles? When one is done, get another one! And I would make it monthly so I am not bored!

Last but not least........

Anything Music Especially Jukeboxes

I am talking an array of! I want it all! If it is about music, has music, plays music, just says music or wants to be all about music, I WANT IT!!! And I want to collect all Jukeboxes of all types for the rest of my life! In fact, I would love a Jukeboxes designed house! The steps being records and piano keys! A Guitar shaped swimming pool! A Saxophone dance floor, Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstein for my front door , of course, ect.! My list is endless!

I am sure there is more that I would like for my birthday but that list should do it!

Happy Birthday, if it is yours!