Hendo’s Corner: Worst Birthday Ever
I just gave my daughter the worst birthday ever.
At least I had the barbecue covered. Oops, no wait, I screwed that up, too.
I just went to the BIG BOX store this week and stocked up on food for the next couple of weeks. I bought stuff for the Sunday barbecue...
Life Of Timmy
I made this video about 3 years ago as an open for a Manic Thunder show. I haven't changed much in the last 3 years so I wanted to share with all of you, since you guys were nice enough to share your birthday wishes with me. Thank You All!
Happy Birthday to My Bro – Justin Lyons
August 16th is a big day in the history of Rock-'N-Roll.  In 1977, "The King" passed away.  Elvis Presley's death shocked the world.
And it made my then 5 year-old brother wonder why everyone was sad on his birthday.
Five Reasons Not To Go Out On Your Birthday
Today, April 12th, is my birthday. It's shared with David Letterman, Shannen Doherty, Claire Danes and many others, I'm sure. I appreciate the 'Happy Birthdays' but I don't celebrate it much. I'm kind of a homebody so I chill at home with the kids. Sure, we'll get a cake because that's what's suppos…

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