Tonight’s Last Tailgate Party Has Big Implications For Seahawks
Tonight is our last football tailgate party for 2017 and it not only could be the perfect elixir to get the bad taste out of Seahawks fans' mouths from yesterday's dreadful game, it also is one of the first things the Hawks need to have happen for their dwindling playoff hopes to stay aliv…
First and Only Visible Supermoon of 2017 Shines This Weekend
Hey Luke Skywatcher,
The first and only visible super moon of 2017 will occur this coming weekend.
From Sunday night into Monday morning, Dec. 3, the moon will shine up to 16 percent brighter and 7 percent larger than normal.
Because the moon's orbit of the Earth is not perfectly circular, it is s…
Double Amputee Former Marine Runs 31 Marathons in 31 Days
Rob Jones is a 32-year old former Marine from Virginia who did several tours in Iraq, then went to Afghanistan. His job was to sweep for roadside bombs. Unfortunately he got hit by one in 2010, and lost both of his legs below the knee.
But he refused to let it hold him back, and he did something that…

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