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Can Tecmo Bowl Predict Super Bowl 46?
With the Super Bowl coming up, I wanted to see if I could get a sneak preview of the winner, but how? Do research on each of the players? Call Miss Cleo? I'll do research the best way I know how, by pitting those teams against each other on Tecmo Super Bowl on the old 8-bit Nintendo (NES).
AC/DC Get Their Own Pinball Machine
For nearly 40 years now, AC/DC have remained a proud bastion of good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll regardless of changing trends — so it only stands to reason that in 2012, long after the pinball industry’s glorious heyday, the legendary rockers are teaming …
5 WWE Games To Get You Ready For The Royal Rumble
WWE's Royal Rumble event coming up this Sunday is my most favorite WWE Pay-Per-View of the year. Being a huge fan of video games I'm going to amp myself up by playing a few classic WWE/WWF video games. Here are my top 5 favorite WWE games that feature the 'Royal Rumble' mode....
Timmy’s Basement Babe of the Night – Cortana
If you've played any of the Halo's that deal with Master Chief, then you know this hot assed holographic vixen has saved your butt countless times! Now she's gettin' ya some Hairballs in the KAT HOUSE as Timmy's Basement Babe for Tuesday (1/10)...
Duplication Trick For Skyrim
In Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion there's a simple method for duplicating your items so you never run out of potions, you always have expensive stuff to sell, ect. Many have been wondering if there's a dupe trick for Skyrim so you can make copies, duplicate your items and weapons.

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