Weird News

Don’t Be The Dead Tourist
Another hiker from another state fell off a cliff to their death in the Northwest this week.
This is a new trend in Northwest tourism: The Dead Tourist.
In fact, the trend is made up of a lot of people seeking those annoying "vacation selfies" that are clogging up your social media n…
My Favorite Thing Between Yakima And Whistlin’ Jack Lodge
Living in a desert setting, it's easy to forget there is such deep forest beauty just 20 minutes from us. But State Rout 410 between Naches and Whistlin' Jack Lodge is absolutely breathtaking. It truly is Mother Nature's gift to us. There are so many sights to see. I remember the…
I Forgot To Exercise This Week
No, really. I actually meant to start my active routine that I used to lose a bunch of weight last year.
A couple of weeks ago I received an email from the home office of the corporate overlords announcing a new company-wide contest. The lucky person that loses the most weight wins fabulous prizes, e…
Freak Whipped Cream Accident Claims French Model’s Life
French model, fitness blogger and Instagram star Rebecca Burger died in a freak accident involving a whipped cream dispenser.
Burger, with more than 156,000 followers on Instagram, was killed when a defective whipped cream dispenser exploded and struck her in the chest according a post from her famil…

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