Recently, MLB Network did a piece on Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez's fans who come to Safeco Field en masse each time he pitches at home.

The special section of seats is known as the "King's Court," playing off of Hernandez's nickname "The King" (a moniker he has had since before even breaking into the major leagues.)

I have had the great pleasure of sitting out in left field in the designated section(s) chanting "K! K! K!" every time Felix gets to two strikes on a batter, while waving my blue and yellow "K" placard wildly.

As I watched the following story on TV, I thought they made a great musical choice in selecting Avenged Sevenfold's "Hail To The King" for the background music.  In fact, I think it should be the official theme song for the fans when Felix takes the mound to begin each game.

This season, Hernandez is having arguably his best campaign to date and is well on his way to winning his second Cy Young award as the American League's top pitcher.

Hernandez himself even admits that he is envious of those who inhabit the area of the ballpark dedicated to his exploits when he says,  "I want to sit there!  I can't 'cuz I'm pitching!"