August 16th is a big day in the history of Rock-'N-Roll.  In 1977, "The King" passed away.  Elvis Presley's death shocked the world.

And it made my then 5 year-old brother wonder why everyone was sad on his birthday.

My younger, BIGGER, brother Justin was born on this day in 1972.  He and I are 20 months apart in age.

Growing up with a sib that close in age certainly caused some friction back in the day.  Oh, how we fought!

Years have passed and now there are many miles between us.  Justin lives on the west side of the Cascades so we don't get to see each other all too often.  Probably one of the biggest reasons why he and I purchased season tickets to the Seahawks back in 2006 was just so that we could have an excuse to visit with each other a few Sundays a year during the fall and winter.

This year will be no exception, and I cannot wait to see him in person again.  For as much as we punched each other's lights out as kids, we have grown that much closer as we have both aged.

Happy 41st birthday to my "Palsie," Justin!

your brother Todd