In fact, most guys probably didn't read that headline. They just saw bags of chips and said, "oh, this must be interesting!" I see this chips at stores, these ones were at Albertson's. They're good and cheap so I pick them up every once in a while. Here's how I know I'm a guy.

I've never actually read what it says on them.

Sure, I've glanced at a few words until whatever flavor they are stuck out and went with that. Even with this picture that I took, I still haven't read every single word printed on the front of them. I guess I could, but why should I? Well, maybe it's the ingredients letting me know if I'm allergic to something to stay away, but I'm not allergic to anything so I never bothered. You, too?

This also goes for greeting cards, Hallmark cards, Facebook statuses that are longer than a sentence or two and many more things. I scan for words that jump out at me and skip the filler.