If you were able to sift through the Miley Cyrus 'twerking' uproar yesterday, you may have heard that Secretary of State John Kerry explaining how it is necessary that the U.S. involve itself in the civil war that is erupting in Syria.

Unfortunately, the media barely touched on this and, even when they did, they only gave you one side of the story.

Independent journalist Ben Swann has been doing grassroots, investigative journalism regarding this situation and said the following on his website earlier today:

In Secretary of State Kerry’s address on Monday, he pointed out that the “evidence” against the Syrian government included YouTube videos he had watched of the victims. Too bad while scanning YouTube for evidence Sec. Kerry didn’t do a simple Google search of the words “al Nusra Front sarin gas”. Had he done so, he would have known that his claims of only the Syrian government possessing chemical weapons is not only untrue but easily disproved.

Watch his vlog and see if you are still convinced that the United States should intervene in still yet another country militarily.