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Dec. 7th Is ‘Pearl Harbor’ Day – Never Forget
The attack on Pearl Harbor happened December 7th in 1941. This is a day that none of us should ever forget. We lost many brave men and woman on that day. It was a surprise strike on United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy.
Syria – What the Media Isn’t Telling You
If you were able to sift through the Miley Cyrus 'twerking' uproar yesterday, you may have heard that Secretary of State John Kerry explaining how it is necessary that the U.S. involve itself in the civil war that is erupting in Syria.
Unfortunately, the media barely touched on this and, ev…
Kelly West’s Video Pick Of The Day (VIDEO)
As heard on RoadRage this afternoon, Pop Evils Bosses Daughter was dedicated to those who are serving our Country listening on line at www.KATSFM.COM at the United States Air Force base in Oklahoma City!! TC James and for those who serve the United States I will play you anything! Pop...