Sarahah is the Newest Hot APP, Here’s The Scoop On It!
There's a new blazing app across Facebook these days and it's called Sarahah! It's an app that allows you to send anonymous messages to the user.
It's being pitched as an honest way to get feedback from co-workers, family and friends but there a few things you need to know to know…
You Can’t Stream Games At NFL Stadiums
This weekend I went to see the Seahawks and Falcons at Century Link Field. If you listen to the Todd & Andy Show I am actually a Los Angeles Rams fan. That said I still love good professional football and this was lining up to be a great football game so I was excited to see it and it did no…
The Lonely Man’s App
Need a new Bro? Homie? Compadre? Bestie? There's a new App for the dude who needs some other dudes to hang with. It's called The Wolfpack and yes, it does HOWL!
The Blocks Cometh — Free App of the Day
The old-school loving video game minds over at Halfbot created The Blocks Cometh a couple of years ago. Since then, it's pleased the thumbs of many appreciators of solid platform action. It doesn't go on sale all that often, so take advantage of this great opp…
Lumi HD — Free App of the Day
Foundation Games has created something quite beautiful with Lumi. Not only is it nice to look at with its lush, watercolor art style, but it's also a great blend of different platforming and puzzle game elements. Lumi HD will usually set you back around five bucks, but now you can get it for fr…
Mutant Mudds — Free App of the Day
Retro gamers with a shallow wallet take note! Because Mutant Mudds is just the kind of pixel pushing platformer that you've been waiting for. And what a deal too. You can't beat not having to pay anything. Want to have some fun? And do you want that fun to be free? Well, than you need…
Thrashing Megadeth’s ‘Holy Wars’ Solo on iPod App [VIDEO]
How I do love technology. There's an app for everything. Some that are fun to check out are the musical apps that give you a drum machine or little single-octave piano. They have several guitar apps as well like the one this dude uses to perform the guitar solo from this Megadeth song.
Turtles, Huh? — Free App of the Day
Everyone loves turtles! Who doesn't like seeing a turtle swim in a pond, or race a rabbit and win in the end? We all do! Which is why Turtles, Huh? makes for a great free app of the day!

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