KATS Hall Of Fame With Todd & Andy
Each week we look for KATS listeners who are record setters in their little corner of the world. Check back often as we update this blog entry with the biggest, smallest, most & least in the most trivial of categories.
Longest Commute: Jared Lawson drives 115 miles each way to work every day from…
Siberian Husky Sings to Baby, Works Like a Charm [VIDEO]
I have a Great Dane and my dog is the best. When my kids are unruly or screaming  he jumps up and down and starts barking to let them know that you can't do that. He isn't mean he just is very verbal. One day my youngest child was crying in a sad way and he went up and hugged her and gave her a howl…
Normally you'd see this type of thing on your afternoon talk show like Maury Povich or Jerry Springer, but nope, this is real, and happened in China. A baby girl born in 2010 with two tumors in her abdomen, was actually was pregnant!

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