Timmy’s Basement Babe – Anne Hathaway
Celebrating the Video Game release of Batman Arkham Origins, we're doing a Batman themed week, and Monday nights usually lean to someone related to the music field, I figured, she sang in that Les Miserables movie... and was smokin' hot as Catwoman in the latest Dark Knight film.
Timmy’s Basement Babe – Inque
Celebrating Tattooed ladies week, I wanted some fictional character that definitely fits the theme... so why not a giant tattoo... let's go into the future of Batman! In the cartoon series "Batman Beyond" there was such a hot lil lady named Inque that could take on any form...
Father’s Day Cards From Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters
It's that special time of year when each of us takes stock of our relationship to dear old dad and shops for the appropriate necktie to give him on Father's Day. To make this gift extra-personal, it's customary to include a thoughtful note, telling your dad what makes him special.
Inside Heath Ledger’s ‘Dark Knight’ Diary
Those are the chilling final words scrawled in capital letters on the last page of a diary the late Heath Ledger kept as he was filming 'The Dark Knight,' his last finished movie. Ledger's father, Kim, opened up Ledger's Joker diary publicly for the first time for the upcoming do…

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