Foos & Brews: Last Call for America On Tap, Foo Fighter Tickets
Sorry, kids -- it's last call. Last chance for you to score some free passes to America On Tap and get yourself in the running for Foo Fighters tickets just for guessing a beer's style by its color.
So here goes one more throw. Look over today's brew, make your guess, then call Todd an…
What Makes a Beer a ‘Stout’?
If you've seen all of the different shades of beer, no doubt you've seen this one that's dark. I mean, really dark. You can't even see through it. It basically looks (and sometimes smells) like black coffee. Stout beers are pretty popular, but what makes them qualify as a stout b…
Five Great IPAs for National IPA Day
Today (Aug. 6) is recognized as National IPA Day. IPA stands for Imperial Pale Ale -- a type of beer made with lots of hops.
Since the Yakima Valley supplies 75 percent of the hops for the entire United States, you can imaging that our area also has the best IPAs...
‘Man Challenge': The Perfect ‘Man’ Wedding
Everyone always says that a wedding is for the woman. Why? The woman usually makes it next to impossible for a man to even be part of the whole process. All the way from the music, the cake, the venue, to even the vows. Todd & Andy are asking you to tell us what your perfect 'man weddin…
Finally! Tea Bags for Beer Drinkers
Yes, tea bags for beer drinkers, and no it's not a magical bag that can turn water into booze ... only Jesus could do that on a whim. But this is a neat bag that can take your water and make it TASTE like booze!

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