NYPD Gets Training Tips from ‘Road House’
We all know Patrick Swayze in the movie "Road House" was a God-like Manly Man of a Man! And even if you don't believe that, the NYPD does -- and they're using a clip of the 1989 film to help teach the city's cops how to behave.
Cop Pepper Sprays Squirrel [VIDEO]
I have a lot of friends that are police officers and they would never do half the stuff I see on YouTube! I am surprised that the people filming it didn't go to jail for doing so.
COPS: Skyrim Edition [VIDEO]
Our friends at The Nerdist have created another video game themed parody. This time, they take the classic show COPS as if it were filmed in the relm of the hit video game Skyrim. As a geek, this is awesome.
Creepy Cop Caught Cranking One Out
Remember that scene in Super Troopers where Mac beats his meat to a billboard ad featuring a woman’s ruby red lips? He used his radar gun to measure how fast he could choke it. Well, that happened in real life when Santa Fe police officer Mike Eiskant forgot his dash cam was on and w…

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