Dancing Kid at Pacers / Rockets Game Can Dance Better Than You
You see scenarios where they put the cameras on the crowd often at sporting events. They have kiss cams, reaction cams and more. You gotta love the dance cams. It's when they play a song to fill in time while the players figure out what they're doing, put the cameras on unsuspecting victims in hopes…
This Dancer’s Butt Has To Be Seen To Be Believed [VIDEO]
About a week ago, folks started to notice that the lady dancer in this four month old video of a random dance performance in Brazil has probably THE FINEST BOTTOM IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, causing the clip to go viral.
As you will see, not only does the woman in question have a perfectly shaped ba…
Jenyne Butterfly May Be The Greatest Pole Dancer Ever [VIDEO]
There are literally thousands of pole dancing videos on the internet. Some are great, some not so much, some are funny, some look painful. Usually, when someone tells me to watch a pole dancing video I have the "I've seen one, I've seen them all" attitude, until I saw thi…
10 Must-Watch Dancing Disasters [VIDEOS]
Dancing on camera can be a dangerous proposition for any woman. Even if she a trained professional, things can always go wrong. None of these women are trained professionals so the chance of things going wrong is doubled.

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