Alex Trebek Busts One Off On A Contestant
I've been watching Jeopardy! for decades. Even when I was a little boy back in the late 60's and early 70's when Art Fleming was the host. Obviously being part of the "cool crowd" was never a pre-requisite. The contestants on Jeopardy! are generally braniacs who own …
“Weird Al”‘s in Jeopardy
Who is "Weird Al" Yankovic? Way to go Al, first a number one album, then a Grammy, now a Jeopardy Answer! It's good to see that he's finally winning on Jeopardy unlike his parody from 1984's "In 3-D".
Women Fail at Answering Baseball Question On Jeopardy! [VIDEO]
I like to watch Jeopardy! from time to time. I rarely know the correct answers, but when I do and the contestants don't I get a little feeling that I am much more intelligent than I truly am. Thursday night near the end of the episode, a baseball question popped up and the answers were absolutely cl…