WXXX in Cincinnati (NSFW)
Rule #34 hit again... if it exists, there's a porno version of it. Here's Timmy's latest find of the Porn Parody variety. WKRP in Cincinnati: A XXX Parody!
Barbarella XXX (NSFW)
She's here to save the galaxy... one f*** at a time! Check out the R-rated trailer for the latest porn parody, "Barbarella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody."
Al’s Weird World Tour
With the massive success of "Weird Al" Yankovic's Mandatory Fun album, we all expected a tour to happen... BUT A WORLD TOUR IS FREAKIN' AMAZING! Look for the tour to start mid May in Vegas. As far as our neck of the woods here in the great Northwest, look for Al to be roc…
ASK Al: The Interview with Timmy!
The man has been my idol and role model since I was 5 years old, listening to the lyrics of "Yoda" before even seeing "Star Wars" and thinking the song was about a bully.
I never said I was a smart kid, but I did have great taste in music...
UPS Deliveryman Sings ‘Santa Is Your UPS Man’
Meet Ken Jones. He's just some guy working hard through the holidays driving the familiar big, brown truck. And, while Santa delivers toys using his sleigh, UPS delivers almost all of the rest of the goodies to all. Some may even believe that Santa works incognito as a UPS deliveryman to make s…

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