What Is The Most Expensive Parking In the Yakima Valley?
I have to admit it. When it comes to parking, I would rather walk a little bit than pay a big price. Unless it is for a safety reason, and then I might pay a little. But $300,000? Not a chance in heck. But there is a spot in Brooklyn, N.Y., that was sold most recently for $300,000 -- for just O…
Man Burns His Electronics In Oven, Gets Naked to Watch?
The question is, if you are mad at your phone or computer, do you shove all of it into an oven and then set the whole kitchen on fire while naked? I cannot say that I have ever even thought about it. Sounds pretty asinine to me. However, a man in Washington, D.C., did just that.
Phrases You Should Stop Saying At Work
Everyone's got a boss who has a few catchphrases -- usually to help motivate you or to remind you of who's boss. But are some of those catchphrases used so much that you would rather punch them in the face or go sit in your car for a few minutes than take their advice?
Pentagon Held “Phony” Ceremonys For Good Reason!
The Pentagon has admitted recently to holding phony ceremonies to welcome home the remains of Veterans who died or were captured in WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Often the caskets were brought off of cargo planes that weren't even capable of flying (they were towed into place).  However..…

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