Dork Got ‘Monster’ Logos Tattooed On Face [PHOTO]
What you get tattooed on your body says a lot about you. Tupac got 'Thug Life' tattooed on himself to represent where he came from. Wrestler CM Punk has a Pepsi tattoo on his arm, probably because he likes Pepsi. At least with those tattoos you can cover them up if needed. This guy decided to showca…
Good News! Butthole Tattoos Are Now a Thing [NSFW VIDEO]
A tattoo can be the perfect artistic expression of something you feel very strongly about. Tattoos are no longer just for sailors, soldiers and inmates. A lot of people have them and a lot of people like to show them off. They have settled in the main stream. But are they for buttholes?
Hang On For This Lower Back Tattoo [PHOTO]
That's right! This young lady got bicycle handle bars tattooed on her lower back. It's funny now and is a great ice breaker at parties (the kinds of parties she attends, anyways). My only question is where's the bell?

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