WTF Florida?
Lot of weird news in the year of 2014... but when it comes to the weird & the stupid, Florida takes the cake. Here's a snippet of some of the headlines out of Florida this year.
WTF, Nature?
OK, I've been freaked out by fish... whether it's in stick form, golden cracker form, "Jaws" form -- but now a form that is best described as a mix of "Gremlins" meets Jay Leno!
Single? Call This Number!
I was driving home from work and noticed a few of these signs out on 56th and Summitview. One next to the abandoned Tiger Mart, and the other next to Shopko. I also noticed one on Nob Hill next to Taco Time next to the yield intersection...
Kids Don’t Know Who Paul McCartney Is [PHOTO]
Last night's Grammys were making each and every artist and subject trend on Facebook and Twitter. One of the highlights was Sir Paul McCartney taking the stage. Unfortunately for our younger generation, they didn't know who Paul McCartney was.
WTF? Odd Video Strangely Arousing [VIDEO]
It's videos like this that are the reason I love the internet. What do you do if you're a hot chick with access to a Lamborghini? You put on a mask, get groped by an inflated glove on a trombone, then casually leave.

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