Hulks Calls Cops! Brother!
Feuds inside the squared circle are normal, usually encouraged. But when it goes from the ring to the airport, you better get TSA for a ref, and watch it on TMZ instead of USA. Hulk Hogan had to get police involved when former wrestling bro Scott Steiner threatened his wife at a San Jose, CA airport…
If Local Radio DJs Were WWE Superstars — Here Are Their Bios
On the eve of WWE tickets going on sale for the Summerslam Heatwave Tour Aug. 10 at the SunDome, I asked a few of my co-workers who their favorite past and present WWE Superstars are.
This led to "What if we were WWE Superstars?" We all know that is a superfan's dream...
10 Most Ridiculous Wrestling Theme Songs Ever
The wrestling entrance has come a long way. It went from the typical into an absolute spectacle complete with fireworks, Titantron montages and dazzling light shows. Wrestling entrances have become so popular that other sports, especially MMA, mimic their style.

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