Todd E. Lyons, Esquire Presents: “That’s Not Funny!”
First, let me be above board and put this right out on the table.
94.5 KATS is firing up our own YouTube channel.  You can subscribe, if you'd like, by clicking here:
Since we just fired it up, I thought I'd monkey around with it a bit since I&a…
Charles Ramsey “Dead Giveaway” Top 5 Covers
O.K., I'll admit it.
I'm addicted to the autotune of Cleveland kidnapping hero Charles Ramsey.
I hummed it all weekend long. And just when I didn't think it could be anymore epic, I stumbled across a number of cover versions of the tune.
Here are my Top 5:
Year End Review Rap Up (VIDEO)
I really can't stand Rap music. They typically say only about 5 words and they are either racist or just foul! And there is no shredding guitar! But I got to admit it that this "You Tube Rapper" DeStorm has an excellent take on the year 2012!

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