Vietnam War veterans got an emotional welcome-home ceremony at Yakima's Sarg Hubbard Park a few weeks ago, nearly 50 years after the war's end. I have always respected why we went to Vietnam, but I never knew how much until I heard it firsthand from a Vietnamese woman who was rescued by our soldiers. There was not a dry eye at the park that day.  My father served in the Korean War in the United States Army. He would tell us about the conflict and the reasons why the United States needed to do these things. When I was young, though, I didn't get why we went to Vietnam. You always hear stories of people being mean to our vets because of this war, and up to this day that will make me madder than anything.

But when you hear a woman who survived this war and became a United States citizen your feelings will change for the better.

Thank you for serving our country to all vets! Past, present and future.