Have you ever wanted to see Whose Line Is It Anyway... only not edited for TV & sponsored by Disney? Maybe you'd like to see a recreation of The Dating Game that pits Marilyn Manson head to head with Charlie Sheen & a hybrid of Miley Cyrus/C3PO or an interview with Ellen acting as The Lion King. Or maybe you wanna peer into the world of an EMT group's react to finding dead body at Wal-Mart, or Bunji Jumping off a bunk bed? The Laugh Lounge Comedy Club is about the only place you'll get that and more, especially if Manic Thunder is on the stage!

Yakima's Home Team of Funny for the past 5 years has been bringing the funny & and look to do again This weekend (Friday & Saturday Nights) at 8pm with their quick wit, story telling, and improv skills at the Laugh Lounge! If you still haven't seen These guy doin' their thing on stage, what are you waiting for?!

For more details check out the Laugh Lounge's website.