Our next Greatest Riffs Loud List is focused on the once-in-a-generation political powerhouse Rage Against the Machine. Though the band only released three original full-length albums, this was still one of the most difficult riffs lists we’ve put together.

The world of rock owes a debt of gratitude to riffmaster Tom Morello and the deep grooves of Tim Commerford. The force of RATM’s music is spread pretty evenly between the band’s four members, but the riffs have always been what caused Rage’s fans to explode at each live show.

Rage’s self-titled album is riff heaven. Tom Morello was a serious guitar virtuoso even back in his 20s, writing iconic leads for songs like “Bombtrack,” “Wake Up” and “Killing in the Name.” We were immediately introduced to his expansive use of the guitar in the early ‘90s as well, like Morello’s iconic use of his axe’s pickup switch on “Know Your Enemy.”

Moving on to The Battle of Los Angeles, Rage Against the Machine brought their riff game back to the days of their first album. “Testify” grabs listeners immediately, holding on with an iron grip as the album delves into “Guerrilla Radio” and “Sleep Now in the Fire” in the first half alone! “Born of a Broken Man” is incredible as well, standing out as perhaps RATM’s most underrated monster riff.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Rage Against the Machine Riffs in the Loud List above.

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