Maybe I’m the weird one, but I enjoy remixes and mash-ups.

Some people say it can ruin a great piece of art, and while I agree that some remixes can really suck if they’re done well, they can bring much joy and a new life to that art.

With the recent announcement that the band Imagine Dragons will be heading out on tour with their Loom World Tour (and hitting the Pacific Northwest for two shows), I went on a deep dive.

I’m not sure if I reached the bottom, but when I found this piece of artistic beauty from the YouTube page There I Ruined It, I knew I needed to stop.

"That’s enough internet for today!" - Me

The popular YouTube channel has made quite a name for itself with its remixes, mash-ups, and reimagining's of popular songs.

My favorite has got to be Elvis Presley singing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby’s Got Back’. You can check that out here.

man screaming with math and a graphic of a chalk board with 2+2
YouTube/ImagineDragons - Canva

The mash-up of Imagine Dragons’s ‘Believer’ takes the band’s Order of Operations and shuffles it. Add a bit of Guns N’ Roses and George Straight to the mix, and you have something beautiful! Check it out!

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And in case you've never heard the original... here you go!

What’s your favorite re-imagining, mash-up, spoof? Tap the App and let us know!

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