I am so sick of the snow. The ice, the cold.

My kids don't even ask to go sledding anymore. My dogs have resorted to just pooping in the middle of the street, because at least there they don't sink when they squat.

As cold as it is, the only thing we all really want to do is STAY INSIDE.

So here are five things we do at our house on snow days...

1. Watch pay-per-view movies. I don't know about you, but with five kids my budget is really strict and really planned out. When I say we can order a movie the kids really love making popcorn and gathering together in the living room. Of course if you do this all the time, this may not be that big a help to kill an evening. Add blankets and pillows.

2. Cook together. Making cookies from scratch or just using a cake mix, cooking together with the kids is a lot of fun for them and they get a snack afterward. You would be amazed how much kids really love cooking and mixing things.

3. Do art or craft projects. Actually, I would love to say we go to the craft store and make all kinds of neat things, but really we usually just color the coloring books and stuff we already have around the house.

4. Play board games. Seems like a simple thing, but games like Pictionary can really liven up the house on a boring Wednesday afternoon.

5. Make hot cocoa. Snow plus marshmallows equals happy kids. I usually light a fire in the fireplace, but make sure to check those burn bans before you do!


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