I love Twitter. Looking at tweets can lift me out of a bad mood, so I am constantly scrolling through my Twitter feed.

Earlier this evening, I was minding my business being nosey and saw a few tweets that made me die laughing. I started my day off with a cackle when I opened up twitter and this was the first tweet I saw:

This bunch of cute kittens warmed my heart and made me saw, "AWWWWW! They are so CUTE!":

I really loved this particular tweet because it pays homage to one of my all-star celebrity crushes, Paul Rudd:

This cryptic tweet describes my general everyday Twitter mood:

I was very happy to see this tweet when I woke up today because the Emmy nominations were announced (and featured one of my favorite comediennes, Leslie Jones):

See, I told you, Twitter can be a lot of fun. I got a wild hair and decided to check out if there were any interesting tweets about Yakima. What is happening in Yakima this week that has everybody talking on Twitter?
I noticed the bulk of the tweets are people congratulating Yakima for getting 95% of the population to finally put on a dang face mask. The rates of new COVID-19 cases are impressively trending downward ever since Governor Inslee issued an order for residents to mask up. This is good news, indeed! Let's celebrate!

— Governor Jay Inslee (@GovInslee) July 28, 2020

A month ago, Yakima had one of the highest COVID-19 rates in the country. Today, they have bent the curve and are one of the few counties in WA heading in the right direction.

Meanwhile, I noticed some other tweets about Yakima that included a few about Yakima Racks and weather reports. After spending way too much time sifting through the tweets about face masks and angry rants toward Inslee, I was able to find ten tweets about Yakima that had nothing to do with the coronavirus (for the most part).

10 Twitter Tweets About Yakima


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