The 7th annual Chinook Music Festival opens this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. up Highway 410 at Jim Sprick Community Park 18 miles West of Naches. If this is your first year attending, here are some Do's and Don'ts from those of us that have attended every year!


* Bring foldable camping chairs. There are some wooden benches to sit on, but not many.
* Bring CASH! There are no ATMs or internet access IN THE WOODS so you'll need dough to purchase band merch, libations, food and other items from the vendors there.
* Bring a light jacket AND a heavier coat/hoodie. While temps this weekend should be nearly ideal, it gets chilly IN THE WOODS when the sun goes down!
* Bring insect repellent. Typically, mosquitos, etc. aren't a problem but better safe than sorry.
* Bring sun block. Spectators at the main stage will be facing East so your face might get pink in the day, and your neck might get toasty in the afternoon.
* Bring swim trunks/bathing suit, floaties, tubes and towels if you want to take a dip in the Naches River. It is just a hop, skip and a jump from the concert venue.
* Bring quarters and moist towelettes. Remember, this event is IN THE WOODS - you'll get dusty. Coin-op showers are available on site.
* Carpool! Vehicles of 3 or more get best available parking!
* Hydrate! Especially if you're planning on drinking alcohol. You'll be in the sun dancing, singing and sweating. No-brainer, really.


* Bring kids or dogs. Seriously. This is a 21+ event and anyone bringing an animal onto the park premises will be turned away immediately. (Kids under 21 are allowed on the Sunday "Family Day", however).
* Not have fun! Great music meets the great outdoors to close-out Summer - AND NO FREAKIN' CELL PHONES! Let your hair down and forget about life for awhile! All those bills and problems will still be there when you get home!  :)

Check this video done by Digital Vendetta for what kind of vibe you can expect this weekend.
See you there!

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