Even though the 2020 incarnation of the wildly popular Chinook Fest outdoor musical weekend didn't occur this September (I'll bet you can guess why!), fans were still treated to a virtual concert online a few weeks ago. For those that purchased a ticket, a swag bag was sent in appreciation and, I must say, the souvenirs this year are on point!

2020 Chinook Fest swag

I sent a personal text message to festival organizer Michelle Bounds to tell her how clever I thought all of the items were -- especially the candle idea. She told me that she was very happy with how they turned out that she had to individually sniff about 20 different candle scents in order to pick just the right one!

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I can't wait to meet up with my Chinook Fest family next year!
Here's the song and accompanying video that was produced in lieu of no festival, title "Home to Us" by fest founder Cody Beebe and featuring former contestant on TV's "The Voice", Austin Jenckes.

Rock on!  \m/  \m/
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

Chinook Fest


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