The end of the year calls for reflection and what better way to look back on 2017 than by pouring through the hundreds upon hundreds of new metal releases? It was another fruitful year with some of metal's elder statesmen extending their legacy with newly-minted career-defining albums while other newer acts cropped up to plant their flag in metal's hallowed ground.

Whether you're a purist who prefers the classic styles of metal or the thrill-seeking type looking for new forms of genre mashing and everything in between, 2017 delivered across all fronts. Cannibal Corpse's killing spree continued, GWAR bounced back from a devastating loss, Zeal & Ardor introduced us to entirely new sounds, the Cavalera brothers dished out a completely old school offering and that's just some of the best this year brought us.

Dive in below as Loudwire names the 25 Best Metal Albums of 2017.

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