Are you a gift-wrapping expert? If so, boy are you lucky!

In my late teens, I once had a temp job where they hired to wrap up people's Christmas gifts at Customer Service in a mall in Nashville. I had absolutely NO experience professionally wrapping gifts, but the agency didn't give a flip. Let's just say that temp job was a 'trial by fire' kinda experience. I could barely keep up with the older employees who had decades more time wrapping gifts than me. They scowled at me at first, and then they realized that if they showed me their secret, I could stop holding up the long line of customers!

It has been quite a few years since I did that job, so over the years, I have forgotten some of those quick gift-wrapping tricks I had learned from those cranky old goobers, so bear with me as I attempt three ways to make a gift look like it was wrapped by a pro.

I first watched this video on YouTube that promised me an easy way "How To Wrap a Gift". Next, I gave the video, "Japan Gift Wrapping Hack Explained" a try, and finally, I gave up watching videos and just wrapped my gift the "Reesha" way.

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