Well, I finally made it out on the kayak Sunday. It would seem from the picture that it was warm, but I froze and shivered.

Which a guy doesn't mind so much so long as he enjoys himself I suppose. I was so relaxed at one point I did actually felt sleepy waiting for a bite floating over the shallow flats.

There is a channel between the islands in the delta that makes up the mouth of the Yakima River. The flats one the west side of Bateman's Island are a now famous spring spawning ground for catfish.

With the hills now green, you can bet the hogs are coming up from the deep water. I just didn't run into any on Sunday. To be fair to the fish though, the water was very cold. All of the plant life around the water's edge was still in winter mode.

As they say, a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work. I did have a great day on the water and in the sunshine.

It did make me aware of one glaring new problem I have for the upcoming fishing season. Each and every one of my waterproof cases for my phone were bought when I had a 5c and were barely able to hold my 6s. Now I have a iPhone 7 Plus and I had to leave my phone behind in the car.

I made it out of the breeze that picked up toward the end of the day fairly dry, but it is really muddy out there and chocolate milk on the Yakima and Columbia. The water is filled with debris and it is moving fast.

Just a reminder, I am a very experienced kayaker with thousands of hours spent learning the hard way. Respect the river, it does not care how cool you think you are. I saw places that could toss you in an instant and boaters gabbing while major debris was getting chopped by their prop.

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