WARNING: Heat+Dry=Forest Fire. What Campers Need to Know!
When it's this hot, you want to do two things: One - cool off, somehow, someway. Two - if someone asks 'Hey, hot enough for 'ya?' you want to, off, somehow, someway.
With temperatures exceeding the century mark in the Yakima Valley for the past few days and with both a 'Red Flag War…
Potential Thundershower Headed Yakima's Way Today!
Time to dust off the umbrella, don your rain slicker, slip on your waterproof and perhaps have a small water craft available -- rain is happening today and we could even see thundershowers!
The National Weather Service in Pendleton, OR forecast:
Today  - Yakima Valley
Scattered showers, with thund…
View 10 Amazing Photo's of Saturday's Thunder Storm
Saturday morning I was awakened by the loudest thunder in quite a long time. my whole house shook so I headed to my back patio and quickly went back inside because the lightning was so intense. Then I started seeing amazing photos all over social media.

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