By no means am I suggesting people move to the PNW in giant numbers, well because that's already happening, however, we are gonna take a look at the top five highest-rated places to live in the Pacific North West.

That being said let's take a dive all around Washington, Oregon, and Idaho and see the top voted best places to live. Some of these may even shock you.

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5.) Idaho Falls, Idaho

This city hugs the Snake River and has endless trails and a well-cultured environment with museums and a praised school system. If you're looking to start a family and move out of Washington this may be a better fit for you, with different laws in place than Washington but the same beauty the PNW has to offer.

4.) Hillsboro, Oregon

Oregon is the perfect place for weird people, and that's far from an insult. If you're looking for a change of scenery in a city with a low crime rate look no further. Tho Hillsboro is the fifth-largest city in Oregon it's one with traditional values mixed with a warm and welcoming love for the state is known for.

3.) Boise, Idaho

Not only is it the capital of our neighbor state but it's also a pretty decent-sized city with plenty to do. They have their own local museums, theaters, malls, and a whole lot more to keep yourself and your family busy. Another big perk to some Washingtonians is its difference in state laws versus Washington. If you want something different but again are looking for that PNW vibe and feeling this is a great choice.

2.) Olympia, Washington

Another state capital found its way on the list, if you're one for being right by the heart of the Washington peninsula and want the advantages of being near the big city while also not being too far away from the woods this is a perfect spot for you. It's known for its capital sure but it also has a well-respected school system and plenty of jobs for those looking.

1.) Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham sits to the north of Seattle and is right on the coastline of the pacific ocean, can you really get more PNW than that? Not far from the Canadian border it's an easy hop skip and a jump of a road trip to check out our neighbors to the north, it also has those small-town city vibes tho it's known for having plenty to do and plenty to see.

Do you agree with the list, or do you think there are way better places to be living in the PNW tap the app to let us know!

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