With Christmas and any holiday or birthday coming up, there are plenty of reasons to visit some great stores right here in our valley. Sure, you have the mainstay stores that have been here for years that have always provided exactly what you need but while you're out doing some gift hunting, consider these places that you may not have thought of for unique gift ideas on your list.

Yakima's Ship Shop
Not only is this store used as a mail service for shipping items, printing, and more, but they also have a huge selection of locally crafted item throughout the entire year. From local soaps to local beer and wine, local chocolates to local ice cream, they have a lot to choose from. May be worth a stop. And, yes, they will also be happy to ship local beer and wine.

Bubbles and Co.
This place has odd hours but swing in sometime. They do bubble tea and have some snacks on the menu but they also have a few racks of treats they imported from Japan. These are the types of things you won't find at Walmart. My kids are especially fond of these DIY candy kits that have everything you need to build your own candy in the shape of random items. Super fun.

1UP Games
Most know 1UP Games as the video game store in town to trade in your games for video games of all generations including Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and all your favorites new and old. They're also a huge distributor of Funko Pops. Those are those little statue-like figures and many collectors seek out. Kind of like this generation's Beanie Babies but have already lasted far longer than Beanie Babies ever did. If you don't know what else to grab, swing in and I'm sure you'll find a figure based on a tv show or movie they enjoy.

A staple tradition in Yakima. I'm not sure when the last time you stopped in but do it soon as they keep getting new items and products all the time. Clothing, jewelry, stuff for the house -- if you're shopping for someone and you don't know what they want you're bound to find something fun here.

Literally any local brewery or winery
C'mon, we all know what we really want. You can't go wrong.

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