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If you want to get out of town this weekend, why not head over to Portland, Oregon?

I am thinking about doing a Girls Trip to Portland this weekend and since I've only been to Portland a couple of times in the nearly 20 years I've lived in Washington state, I turned to my Facebook friends for some randy ideas of UNUSUAL things I could suggest to my friends.

"What is something unusual you like to do in Portland, OR? Looking for some ideas! *edit* Thank you all for the suggestions. I am actually looking for the "Not Normal" stuff that people usually do in Portland," I wrote in a post.

I don't think my friends actually stopped to read the words I wrote, instead they focused on the "what...to do...in Portland" aspect of my question. Here are five of the things they suggested I should do, and if you haven't been to Portland ever or in a while, perhaps you'd want to do these things, too.

1. OMSI: The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. You can check out the dinosaurs and the planetarium. That's pretty cool!
2. Portland Zoo: I have actually been to the Portland Zoo before. I took my daughter a few years back. It was thoroughly enjoyable. Seeing the turtles humping each other was an unexpected part of the sightseeing, though!
3. Portland-area Wineries: They had me at "wineries". There is one that has a hip-hop vibe, so that does qualify as "unusual", now that I think about it.
4. Powell's Books: If you love books, this is your place. It will probably be crowded though, just keep that in mind.
5. Voodoo Donuts (or a different donut shop): If you are willing to stand in line for a long time just to say that you've tried a Voodoo Donut, then go for it and have something planned to do whilst you wait!

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