With all the recent violent events that our valley, let alone our world, has been dealing with, the topic of serial killers is definitely a sensitive subject. It is a fascinating topic that many people absorb and try to understand. What is someone’s mindset or what pushes them to go to such extremes? The Pacific Northwest, for some reason, seems like it is #1 when it comes to this topic. Take the Serial Killer born in Toppenish, Washington, for example, Westley Allan Dodd.

Westley Allan Dodd’s Childhood

Westley Allan Dodd was born in Toppenish, Washington, on July 3rd, 1961. According to the Seattle Times (per Wikipedia), Dodd wrote in his diary how he grew up in a neglectful household, even though Dodd claimed that he was never neglected or abused as a child. (Wikipedia). The family eventually moved, and Dodd graduated from Richland High School in 1979.

Westley Allan Dodd’s Criminal Life

According to his father, Dodd was a well-behaved child. Even though, at the age of 13, he started getting into trouble for exposing himself to other kids in his neighborhood. By the time he entered high school, Dodd had escalated his acts to molestation. At age 20, he enlisted in the US Navy and relocated to Bangor, Washington. Shortly after, he was dishonorably discharged after being arrested for exposing himself to a young boy, according to Wikipedia.

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Dodd was arrested many times, but each time either faced a very short sentence or was on probation, sometimes with court-ordered counseling/therapy. Wikipedia states that Dodd’s victims (around 50) were primarily boys, all under the age of 12.




As reported by Wikipedia, Dodd committed his first murders on September 4th, 1989, in Vancouver’s David Douglas Park. His victims were brothers, ages 11 and 10 years old. Almost two months later, he abducted and eventually killed a 4-year-old boy from Portland, Oregon, on October 29th.

The Capture of Westley Allan Dodd

After the body of the Portland, Oregon, boy was discovered, a manhunt started. His apprehension was due to a 6-year-old fighting back and observant theater workers. From Wikipedia, the story goes as follows: Dodd attempted to abduct the 6-year-old from a movie theatre restroom. As the child screamed and fought back, the theatre workers took notice, and Dodd released him. When the boyfriend of the boy’s mother heard what happened, he chased after Dodd, who had already taken off in his car. A lucky break came when Dodd’s car broke down, and the boyfriend found him, eventually subdued him with a headlock, and brought him back to the theatre, where authorities were called.

Conviction of Westley Allan Dodd

Dodd eventually confessed to all 3 murders. During the investigation, according to Wikipedia, police found his diary, in which he had written in detail about the murders and plans for future victims. They also found pictures, a homemade torture rack, newspaper clippings about his crimes, and clothing, among other items. In 1990, Dodd was sentenced to death and chose execution by hanging. The sentencing was carried out on January 5th, 1993, at 12:05 am at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washington. This marked the first execution in Washington State in almost 30 years, and the first hanging in the country since 1965 (according to the news video below).



The 12 Deadliest Serial Killers in Washington State's Bloody History

Every state is known for something. Florida has swamps and beautiful weather, Iowa has wrestling and corn, New York has Manhattan and Brooklyn-style pizza, Maryland has crabcakes. Washington has apples, wine, IPAs, and serial killers. This article is not meant to glorify these evil people in any way, just shed some light on a bizarre Washington truth. From Bundy to the Green River Killer, these are twelve of the deadliest killers in Washington state history.

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