The "New Normal."  Is this it? Is this just a blip on the timeline of human existence or is the virus going to fundamentally change America?

 Fox News, reporting on a poll paid for by HelloFresh , asked 2,000 adults about how their views on grocery shopping have changed in light of the global pandemic. The results showed nearly 7 in 10 respondents have utilized grocery deliveries, and 55 percent say they’ve tried a meal kit delivery service.  (True confession-my family has been using a meal kit service for a couple of meals a week and it has been easy, convenient, reasonable and quite tasty)
Sixty-eight percent of your fellow Americans, and maybe you, say they’ve used their time in quarantine to reevaluate their food shopping and cooking habits.
The changes in shopping due do the Coronavirus include shopping with a growing sense of concern as 42 percent of shoppers say they now worry about the cleanliness of the products and the grocery store as a whole. 28 percent say they often have anxiety when they have to go to the grocery store these days.
Gone is the gawking and browsing as shoppers say they’ve cut the length of their typical grocery trip by nearly ten minutes.
There is a lesson learned by some under today's circumstances- 29 percent of Grocery goers say they’re now more aware of how much food they waste.


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