In yet another in the seemingly endless blows to sports fans, the NFL has stated that fans, regardless of any preventative protocols, will not be allowed to watch training camp action this year. I'm pretty sure we all know why at this point.

While it really doesn't come as much of a surprise, it is still a big blow to those Seahawks fans that flock to the VMAC in Renton every Summer to watch the Hawks go through their paces up close and personal.

For many 12s, it is the only way to see the team as tickets to games are extremely hard to come by. The Blue Pride season ticket waiting list is still in the thousands deep. When tickets do pop-up on sale, they are generally on the secondary market (StubHub, NFL Ticket Exchange, etc.) and tend to sell for three to four times face value. For most, it's just to spendy to go see a game. That's why training camp is so valuable for fanatics.

Not only do you get to see the new additions but also the new rookies and, of course, the superstars. I've had the chance to attend camp three out of the last four years and it truly is quite the experience! If you are an autograph hound, it is a great place to have an excellent chance to collect signatures as the players, literally, rub shoulders with the fans.

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Until next year, here are some sights from previous years.


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