If you're a brat fan like me and my husband, you'll love this! Last Monday was National Bratwurst Day. After living in Wisconsin for several years, where brats were served at every meal, I've been missing my brats. In fact, brats are typically served at every Packer and Brewer game.

However, I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a tasty brat.

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I threw it out there on social media. Where can one get a tasty brat in our area?  You came to the rescue. Have you been to any of these businesses?

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We asked...you advised us. These are the best locations for one to get a delicious bratwurst or sausage!

On the Facebook group, "You Know You're From The Tri-Cities When"...Ruth replied to my question with:

Any grocery store that carries Johnsonville brats. Put them in a pan and fry them put them on a grill and cook them. If you have an Aldi or a Lidl, both of which are German grocery store-based, they both sell brats. Just cook them like any other sausage.

Admittedly, I enjoy going out for dinner. Now, I remember the last time! The one time I visited Leavenworth with my husband, we both had brats. And, they were fantastic.

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