Spend the weekend with Yakima's Rock Station, 94.5 KATS for our inaugural "Loudwire Weekend'. Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez has hand-picked 8 new songs from 8 of some of the hottest bands and we're featuring them all weekend long!

Loudwire Nights can be heard weeknights on KATS from 7 to Midnight, and is the best place to hear new Rock Music first! Toni Gonzalez is among our industry's best rock music experts and interviewers and she talks to tons of artists, getting the inside story from the music-makers themselves.

New Music Featured This Weekend on 'Loudwire Weekend':

'Adrenaline' by  Zero 9:36 

'Invincible' by  Escape The Fate (F/Lindsay Stirling) 

'Typhoons' by  Royal Blood 

'Heat Above' by  Greta Van Fleet

'Everything We Need' by  A Day to Remember 

'Teardrops' by  Bring Me The Horizon 

'Nowhere Generation' by  Rise Against 

'F the World' by  Badflower

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