When you’re part rat like we are, you quickly perfect the art of cramming cheese into every available crevice of any sandwich, burrito … bowl of cereal. We fill our grilled cheese with mac and cheese and dunk that in nacho cheese for good measure. It’s an obsession that was once rivaled by our love for bacon until we saw this guy eat an entire package raw.

Trolling the morning stories we came across this video of our old friend Mr. Sato. Remember him? He’s the brave fellow who attempted to devour a Whopper with 1,050 slices of bacon.

Apparently his triple bypass took, and to celebrate he decided to return to the same Burger King and party with a whopper topped with 1000 slices of cheese. This is getting real ya’ll.

Obviously Mr. Sato could not eat the entire burger, but after shoving 7 or 8 fistfuls of processed cheese in his face he did manage to get 350 slices down before tossing in his paper crown.

Impressive but we’d really like to see Mr. Sato expand his horizons a little. We realize Burger King will make it your way, which is convenient, but Pizza Hut or Kentucky Fried Chicken might be just as accommodating, plus we might get to see him attempt a 50 chicken breast double down challenge.

Hopefully he donated the leftovers to a soup kitchen. Or a small country.