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The propensity of pan-handlers and beggars asking for money in Yakima seems to be growing.

It's a topic that almost everyone has an opinion on.  Are they legitimately homeless or hungry, or simply freeloaders who are too lazy to get a "real" job?

We may never know, but I do know this:  We could use a beggar like the 37-year-old Ohio woman who is pleading for donations for something besides food, shelter, weed/beer, etc. here in Crackima.The woman, who only identifies herself as "Chrissy,"  is hoping to raise $5,0oo for breast implants by standing on a busy intersection in Akron wearing only boots and bikini.
A single mother, "Chrissy" does have a job as a bartender that earns her enough to pay bills and education but, apparently, not enough to afford breast implants.
Her friends state that she is not begging but just simply being honest.

She holds a piece of cardboard that reads 'Not homeless. Need boobs'.

See her in action by clicking here ---->   (.)  (.)

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