What do you do for money, honey, how on Earth in these COVID-19 days do you get your virtual kicks?
AC/DC fans were shakin' it all night long this past Saturday (5/2) in the 2020 edition of the annual Bonfest, which pays tribute to late AC/DC front man Bon Scott. The fest was forced to go online after the coronavirus pandemic left organizers no choice but to pull the plug on the usual public gathering in the Scottish town of Kirriemuir, where Scott was born.

Scott first saw AC/DC play in August of 1974, by October of that year he was the lead singer, but for a while he was the band's chauffeur. Like the Young brothers, Malcom and Angus, Bon had come to Australia after being born in Scotland, so there was an instant kinship. Actually, the story goes when Bon and the Youngs first met, Bon thought the Youngs were too young, and the Youngs thought Bon was too old. That exchange came from Bon wondering if the lads were "able to rock". An impromptu, instant jam session until dawn solidified Bon was the guy once the Youngs decided to officially sack the lead singer at the time, Dave Evans. Bon sang on the band's first six studio albums, achieving international stardom, before his death at the age of 33 in 1980 from alcohol poisoning.

The 2020 Bonfest online version featured a video message from Scott's successor in AC/DC, Brian Johnson, who is allegedly back in the band after having to leave in 2016 due to severe hearing issues.

Johnson said, "Hey everybody. I know you're all disappointed that the Bonfest is not going to be on this year, but as you know, this virus has got everything pretty screwed up. But I'm sure it will be back next year bigger and better and we can all go and celebrate our favorite singer's life."

He added, "I've got nothing much to say except the fact that I'm as bored as all you are. I just want to get out there. Keep tight, stay safe and we'll see you all again. As Bon would have said, 'Ride on.' We'll see you then."

Johnson replaced Scott for 1980's Back In Black album, a tribute to Bon, released just five months after he died, and was a mainstay of the lineup until his mid-tour departure four years ago.

It has been rumored for two plus years, however, that Johnson has rejoined the group, along with several other classic members, for a yet-to-be-announced album and world tour that will pay tribute to AC/DC's late co-founder and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young.

This long wait is a Touch Too Much.

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