It's one thing to reconcile with your old band, but what about going on tour with them and your current band? Adam Gontier says it's possible that Saint Asonia would go on tour with Three Days Grace at some point, which would be quite a packed reunion.

Gontier sang for Three Days Grace from its inception in the late '90s until his departure in 2013. Three years later, the singer revealed that he'd still kept in touch with most of his former bandmates over the years, except for drummer Neil Sanderson. However, in March of this year, the pair met up and buried the hatchet, which was verified by a photo of them smiling together.

Earlier this month, Gontier, along with Three Days Grace bassist Brad Walst and vocalist Matt Walst, were inducted in to the Norwood District High School Hall of Honor in Norwood, Ontario, Canada together — an event that the bassist described as "powerful." As a result, speculation began to arise as to whether the band would reunite with their former frontman.

"I feel like something like that is most likely down the road at some point. ... You never know, anything is possible for sure," Gontier told Rock Feed of the potential for a reunion.

What the vocalist now also considers possible is the notion of Saint Asonia hitting the road with Three Days Grace.

"It would be interesting, wouldn't it? I mean, I don't know. Anything's possible. We've all grown up quite a bit over the years 10 years — we've all got kids and life changes and people grow up and stuff," he admitted to The Entertainment Outlet. "So, I mean, maybe. You never know. I'm definitely not gonna say no, there's always a possibility. And yeah, it's definitely nice to be just chatting with those guys and all that sort of stuff."

Goniter just released a new seven-track EP titled Introvertwhich came out on July 1. Meanwhile, Three Days Grace dropped their seventh studio album Explosions in early May, and are currently on the road with Wage War and Zero 9:36 in support of it. Get tickets here.

Adam Gontier Says There's 'A Possibility' Saint Asonia Could Tour With Three Days Grace

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