Foo Fighters go disco? Members of Korn take on Pet Shop Boys and Justin Bieber? Everyone, and we do mean everyone, takes on Metallica? Yes, we're looking back on the year in cover songs, where bands are allowed to break beyond the parameters they've created with their respective careers and put their stamp on mostly well-known hits.

What a year it was in 2021! Metallica corralled pretty much the entire music industry to cover tracks from their Black Album as a celebration of the monster album's 30th anniversary. Foo Fighters fell in love with all things Gibb for their "DG's" Hail Satin Record Store Day vinyl. And soundtracks provided plenty of other unique covers this year.

So who stayed true to classic cuts and who completely deconstructed familiar favorites before putting them back together with some fresh flavor? Join us as we revisit the 30 Best Rock and Metal Covers of 2021 and also give you a reminder where the initial inspiration was born.

Best Rock + Metal Covers of 2021

Fresh takes on older favorites.

12 Stories Behind the People on Iconic Rock + Metal Album Covers


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