I live by the motto, "you only grow old when you stop laughing." What you're doing doesn't matter as long as you enjoy yourself, do not hurt anyone, and laugh. The problem with this scenario is that we are indeed growing up! And it's hard to have as much carefree fun when you have to be a responsible adult.

I do not have kids, but some of my close friends do, so I've heard how difficult it can be to cut loose. But what if there were places meant for adults to cut loose and have fun like kids? Nothing naughty, just things that, when done by adults, might be frowned upon by the "adultier" adults.

In other words, I want more kid-free amusement parks. At least for a couple of hours a night, or one night a week, or heck, even a night a month, I'd be happy with that.

I heard that a water park in Indiana has adult-only nights. Why can't we get that here in Washington State? I'd love to enjoy Wild Waves Theme & Water Park in Federal Way or Birch Bay Waterslides in Blaine without waiting in line behind dozens and dozens of kids throwing temper tantrums because the line isn't moving fast enough, and they want to go down the slide now!

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

I'd love to enjoy Seattle's Great Wheel without hearing crying from scared children or puking sounds from them after they've been on the Gesa Carousel of Dreams in Kennewick! Heck, I'd love a laser tag game where pistol whipping someone wouldn't be frowned upon (okay, that's a subject for a different article).

Adult Laser Tag with a child crying

How do you feel? Should there be more Adult Only Theme Parks? Over the age of 21, and nothing raunchy, just the ability to have fun and not worry about little eyes and ears watching and learning. Let their parents screw them up in their own ways; I have to ride this lazy river!

Lazy River, Child Crying

I have talked about this idea with many people, and even my friends with children LOVE THIS IDEA! What do you think? Tap the App and send us a message letting us know!

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