It's still Spring but the weather's starting to hit that sweet spot, warm but not too hot out. Perfect for adventures so if you're searching for ideas Yakima Valley's Summer Bucket List has arrived!

What Are Your Favorite Things To Do?

Close your eyes for a second and take a nice big deep breath in and let it out. Any thoughts that make you smile are worth pursuing. The details can be handled later and the options will continue to grow as more ideas come in.

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List created via canva and screenshot from 107.3 KFFM's Facebook page
List created via canva and screenshot from 107.3 KFFM's Facebook page

Summer Bucket List Ideas

  • Downtown Summer Nights - Happening every Thursday evening through August 11th, 2022.
  • Spend the Day at the Pool - yours, Lion's Pool, Franklin Pool opening June 17th, 2022, or the YWCA's indoor water features on 40th are great if you want the kids to enjoy but you don't want to get in the water.
  • Downtown Yakima Mile - Run or cheer on the community, Olympians, and beyond Saturday, July 2nd, 2022. Free for ages 18 and under.
  • Read a Book - Have you heard of Encore Books, Churchchill's Booklover's Haunt, or Inkling's? All local spots to grab books and get lost in a story. Don't forget the Yakima Valley Libraries.
  • Hit the Comic Book Store - Yakima-Ron's Coin & Collectables, E-Burg- Central City Comics & Richland- Adventures Underground are all great spots to check-out
  • Go to a Pippin's Baseball Game - The season just began and I can attest that the hot dogs and popcorn are worth it. There are theme nights and good quality souvenirs like baseball caps and more if you are wanting to go all out.
  • Watch a Movie in the Park - Beginning July 10th with Clifford the Big Red Dog once the sunsets (around 8:30 pm) at Chesterly Park you can watch some classics like on July 17th Raiders of the Lost Ark, July 24th Spirit Untamed, July 31st Field of Dreams, August 7th Spider-Man: No-Way Home, August 14th Encanto. Stay tuned for other chances to find outdoor movies or put up a white sheet and create a backyard movie theater
  • Go Fishing - With a fishing license and a pole oh the places you could go!
  • Visit the Greenway - There's a part of me that wants to go rollerblading on The Greenway but a bike ride would be equally fun. Grab some fresh air, walk along the river, and more.
  • Build a Tree House - or a Garden Trellis or something creative that can be functional as well. Create some memories and learn something new!
  • Sleep in a Tent - Going camping can happen in our gorgeous mountain areas or in the backyard! S'mores though are a must at either location..and hot dogs cooked on sticks!
  • Watch Fireworks - There are five Pippin's Baseball games left to enjoy fireworks, on the 4th of July at State Fair Park and if you can get your hands on some sparklers and are safe...go for it anytime after the sun has set!
  • Blueberry Picking - If you love berries, our area features u-pick-em blueberries, blackberries, and even strawberries! Freeze them, bake them, and jam on all summer long!
  • Farmer's Markets - Saturday at Valley Mall's Farmer's Market, Sunday at Yakima's Downtown Farmer's Market
  • Nap Outside - Grab some pillows and a blanket to set up shop outside with snacks and music while you relax in the shade.
  • Head to the Canyon - You can float the Yakima River or just enjoy a day near the water
  • Water Fight - Grab the water balloons or water guns and the hose and prepare for battle
  • Hide n Seek - the weather is too nice to keep this game inside. Have you ever played Hide N Seek in the dark? Or Capture the Flag at night, so fun!
  • Ice Blocking at Franklin Park - Big booties need two blocks, and little booties need one. Grab some towels to cover your blocks and head to the hill! Better wear clothing you don't mind getting dirty.
  • Cruise the Ave - Yakima Cruise the Ave takes place
  • Golfing - This could be putt putt at Meadowbrook Family Fun Center, the driving range, and beyond

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